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Shift your Stress Challenge!

Join us to cultivate positive stress adaptions to better manage the different physical, psychological and social factors of your stress during 7 days of therapeutic classes and enter to WIN a year membership to Yoga Medicine® Online!

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Better manage the different physical, psychological and social factors of your stress for 7 days...

It’s ingrained in our DNA to think of stress as a negative element of our lives that we want to get rid of. However stress is also a large part of what drives us and creates positive adaptations in our tissues… This yoga challenge is about finding creative ways to shift your stress towards positive outcomes throughout your yoga practice.

Yoga Medicine Online is your digital resource to help you magnify the effects of your practice on your physiology, mobility, strength, nervous system, and stress resilience to optimize your health.

To participate in this challenge, login or start your trial by July 5th and tap into our guided week of classes that will encourage you to settle into the comforts of home for effective yoga & wellness classes that support your three-dimensional health.

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Important: how to participate, tap into community support and WIN free yoga classes for a year:

***If you aren't a current Yoga Medicine® Online member, you will need to register for a free trial to participate in the full challenge free of charge.

July 5th - 11th

  • Register for this free challenge
  • Login or signup for a free trial on Yoga Medicine Online before July 5th
  • Each day, practice a class from our Weekly Wellness playlist: "Stress for Positive Adaptation" which will guide you through 7 days of spine focused classes throughout Hatha Vinyasa, Myofascial Release, Meditation, Yin, and Yoga Conditioning.
  • Post at least once on Instagram and tag @yoga_medicine, hashtag #ShiftYourStress
  • The WINNER of one free year on YMO (plus one month for a friend) will be selected from the Instagram hashtag and announced on July 12th via email and Instagram!

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